Fast payouts

Pay sellers within one business day via ACH or pay out to their debit cards via push to card.

Controlled experience

Retain your brand with our white-label API. Get full card and bank statement descriptor control per transaction.

Flexible funds flow

Get immediate access to funds after charging customers with Balanced’s card processing. Release funds on your time frame.

Payout options

Payouts for crowdfunding platforms or online businesses connecting buyers and sellers

  • ACH payouts

    Pay out with same-day ACH for Wells Fargo accounts and next business day for other U.S. bank accounts.

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  • Push to card

    Issue payouts using only debit card numbers.

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  • International payments

    International payouts are on the roadmap. We’ll start with foreign currency exchange.
    In development

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End-to-end payments

Combine payouts with processing and escrow for a complete payment solution

  • Charge cards and bank accounts

  • Escrow funds

  • Pay out to bank accounts

  • Collect your fees

  • Charge customers

    With Balanced’s card processing, funds are available immediately for access. You can also debit your customers’ bank accounts with ACH debits.

    Learn more about card processing Learn more about ACH debits

  • Escrow funds

    Once a card is charged, funds are implicitly placed in escrow for as long as you like. You decide when to pay your merchants upon fulfillment of an order or a service.

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Integrate in minutes

Client libraries and a RESTful API for you to easily integrate

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All inclusive pricing

No monthly fees. No setup fees. No recurring fees.

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  • Processing: credit card (per txn)


  • Processing: bank account (per txn)

    processing ach

  • Payout: bank account (per deposit)


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