the life of a transaction

based on a $100 transaction and 10% marketplace fee

When the buyer submits payment, you have the option to authorize the card or charge it right away.
In this example, the buyer's card is authorized for $100. A 30¢ fee is applied to the authorization.

You'll have the maximum number of days, as allowed by the issuing bank, to charge
the card up to the full amount of the authorization. A 2.9% processing fee is applied.

The buyer's payment is held in escrow until you are ready to disburse funds.

Upon fulfillment, you will deposit $90 into the merchant's bank account via next-day ACH.
The marketplace account balance is now -$3.45 to reflect the 25¢ ACH deposit fee.

Collect your fees from the remaining escrow balance. The $10 is deposited into
the marketplace account within seven days. The final balance is $6.55.

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