Send money to a customer’s checking account using their debit card number.
Validate in real time

Real-time debit card validation ensures timely delivery of money. Forget about delayed payouts due to incorrect bank account and routing numbers.

Debit card
4342 5611 1111 1118
Card type: Debit
Sample API call

Paying out to a debit card is super simple.

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Create card
curl \
    -u ak-test-2qEM0Znvd8LIVbZ01LbFHvHgab4fkNr3c: \
    -d name="Johannes Bach" \
    -d number=4342561111111118 \
    -d expiration_month=05 \
    -d expiration_year=2017
Response *
    "href": "/cards/CC4WPZcJIMRDncSIvm9Sh5u9",
    "can_credit": true,
    "bank_name": "WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A.",
    "type": "debit",
* Some parts of the response have been omitted for brevity.
Pay out to card
curl \
    -u ak-test-2qEM0Znvd8LIVbZ01LbFHvHgab4fkNr3c: \
    -d amount=10000 \
    -d order="/orders/OR6YQQbS9HquGwQaxvLy2a7S"
Response *
    "href": "/credits/CR67ZUFRB0N34yVFJt7Ye6VL",
    "amount": "10000",
    "currency": "USD",
    "status": "pending",
    "links": {
        "order": "OR6YQQbS9HquGwQaxvLy2a7S",
* Some parts of the response have been omitted for brevity.
25 per transaction
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Frequently asked questions

How long do payouts take?

Payouts are instant for 50% of bank accounts and take 1 – 2 business for others. We're actively working on increasing the coverage for instant transfers.

Can I use previously tokenized debit cards?

Yes, you can issue payouts to debit cards that were previously tokenized on your platform. Note that the cardholder's name is required for push to card.

Will you support international debit cards?

Unfortunately not. This feature is only available for U.S. debit cards.

Is there soft descriptor control?

Yes. Just like ACH payouts and charging a card, you can control the soft descriptor per transaction.

Is there a volume discount?

Not right now, but the goal is to reduce the transaction fee for for everyone.

What are the transaction limits?

The current limit is $2,500 per transaction.

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